How I Restored My Body, Health, and Happiness...
The old unhappy me
The old unhappy me at 237 lbs
Esther K., 44 years old, married
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Blog posted: Nov 20, 2023
(2 minute read)
When I was in my teens and 20’s, my friends had a love / hate relationship with me.

You see, no matter how many burgers and mocha frapps I had, or how lazy I was, my body never seemed to stray from its perfect size 8.

Life was good.

What Went Wrong?

Fast forward to my mid-30s. Suddenly, those cookies and glasses of wine were making an appearance on my hips and belly, and on the scale.

I was well adjusted, confident, happy. So what if my jeans didn’t fit? I’d buy a new pair.  

By the time I was 44 I realized that maybe I wasn’t that happy anymore.

I’d gone up a million sizes and ballooned all the way up to 237!

I lost my breath grocery shopping, my knees hurt climbing stairs, I lost confidence in myself…

How did I let this get out of control?

The Night Everything Changed...

For my 44th birthday I had plans with the girls to go dancing. I got ready, squeezing into my pants, and wearing a loose top to hide the ever-present belly bulge.

I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I was depressed and didn’t want to go out.

My besties, being the amazing people they are, forced me out, hoping it would lift my spirits.

What it did, instead, was make me sweaty and nauseous. Before I had a chance to sit down, I felt pain in my chest, and the world around me spun out of control.

When Reality Hit

Me in the hospital
I’d suffered a minor heart attack that night. I couldn’t deny it any longer. I was not okay.

A week later I was back on my feet and in my doctor’s office, listening to his "I told you so’s".

A minor heart attack was the tip of the iceberg. If I continued down this path, a major heart attack, diabetes, or even a stroke could be next.

I needed to make a change.

Months spent with a personal trainer and on strict diets only made me hate the gym, and my life.

I was frustrated, depressed, and flat-out angry.

I distanced myself from everyone. I barely had the motivation to get out of bed or go to work.

I Couldn't Believe It!

7 months post-heart attack, I was at the cardiologist for a check-up, sharing the waiting room with one other woman.

We struck up a conversation, and what she told me blew me away. “I used to be in the same situation. I had to drop over 100lbs and absolutely nothing worked.

What? She was tiny! There was no way! My face said it all, and she smiled, pulled out her phone, and showed me the screen.

A photo of a woman – undeniably the same woman who sat beside me now – who had to be close to 250lbs.  

All I remember stuttering was, “How?”

The Simple Rice Method That Changed My Life

Spoon of rice
She told me about a simple 10 second daily Rice Method that turned her world upside-down.

It was a powerful all-natural practice that skyrocketed her metabolism. She dropped weight at light speed and didn’t have to suffer the gym or dieting.

She scribbled a website on a scrap of paper and handed it to me.

“Watch the video. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.”

I tossed the note into my purse, not thinking about it again until I was home later that afternoon, in tears.

My heart was healing, but due to my weight, there was still much too much stress on it.

My Doctor's advice? Eat healthy, work out. Hello? Had I not been doing that for the past 7 months?

Had I not been working myself as hard as I could, turned part rabbit from all the salads I’d eaten, fasted, keto’d, counted calories?

I dug that note out of my purse, typed in the website, and watched. I was floored.

Everything said in the video made sense and gave me hope.

Shedding weight isn’t just about calories in and out

There are actually other factors in play that could be preventing your body from functioning properly and burning fat.

The Rice Method is supposed to detox your gut, balance your enzymes, and boost your metabolism, so that your body starts burning fat 24hrs per day - even while you sleep!
Internal Organs
Beyond the point of desperation, I decided to give it a try...

Finally Something That Actually Worked!

I was NOT disappointed!

I was almost melting before my eyes. It wasn’t long before my clothes were falling off me!

After just a couple weeks of using the Rice Method, I had to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe.

And a couple weeks after that, I had to do it all over again! Hello waistline, nice to see you!

But the change wasn’t only on the scale - there were so many amazing things that started to happen:

My energy skyrocketed, and my skin glowed! I look like a 20-year-old again!

My depression went away, and I was back to my happy, positive, outgoing self.

✅ I indulged in chocolate and wine whenever I felt like it, and I just kept shrinking!

My personal and work life flourished! My husband can't keep his hands off me now. It's like it was back when we first started dating many years ago!

✅ I stopped worrying about each morsel I ate and stopped all those crazy hours at the gym.

My stress levels were down, and I slept like a baby – something I hadn’t done in years!

✅ My heart health and blood pressure were perfect. My doctors were floored!

It works for MEN too! My husband got rid of his "dad bod" belly in only a few months.

✅ The cherry on top - no matter what I did, I looked and felt fabulous and healthy!

Now It's Your Turn!

The New Happy Me!
The New Happy Me at 142 lbs!
My life changed. And yours can, too.

After all the struggles I went through, I have to shout about this life-changer to the world.

Everyone deserves to have a long, happy, and healthy life ahead of them!

All you’ve got to do are three little things:
1. Watch the whole video. It's long but definitely worth it!
2. keep an open mind. It's not a scam like I thought in the beginning.
3. BELIEVE it can happen to you, too, because it can!

As that beautiful stranger in the waiting room said to me not too long ago: Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.

P.S. This will not be available for long as I've already had one large pharma company ask me to take this down.

So if you are serious about fixing your health, click the button below now.

Supporting your journey,
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